Bruxism isn’t just about grinding your teeth! It can manifest in many other ways. Are you interested in learning more or understanding how to deal with it?

Here are four simple yet essential steps to get you started:

  1. Sign Up for Free: Register at By signing up, you’ll gain access to BruxApp Cloud, the most authoritative and significant application globally dedicated exclusively to bruxism.
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  3. Take the 7-Day Test: After completing the test, based on the data collected,
    BruxApp will assess your condition across five levels:

    • No Bruxism
    • Occasional Bruxism
    • Moderate Bruxism
    • Severe Bruxism
    • Very Severe Bruxism
  4. Seek Expert Help if Needed: If your results are significant, do not worry; you can easily contact a professional in your native language and request an initial VIDEO CALL to discuss and delve deeper into your specific case. If necessary, you will also find a list and profile of EXPERT DENTISTS in your region.

Additionally, you can also seek the advice of a PSYCHOLOGIST or PHYSIOTHERAPIST for more complex cases.

What Are You Waiting For? Download the app and start feeling better today!