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Bruxism: widespread phenomenon,
a new challenge 
for the dentist!

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Recent scientific literature has highlighted the extent to which bruxism can be a risk factor, a contributory cause or the trigger for certain diseases related to musculoskeletal overload.

These include temporomandibular disorders, myalgia and headaches that are very common today due to hectic lifestyles. Furthermore, bruxism can cause severe tooth wear, implant-prosthetic failures and dental recurrences.

The incidence of bruxism is estimated to be around 30% of the population, which means that many millions of people suffer from it to varying degrees. However, these data are underestimated because there is a lack of epidemiological studies on a global scale. In addition, in this post-pandemic and cyclical era, there has been an exponential growth of bruxism cases with all its consequences.

The dentist must therefore be prepared to face this challenge, detecting the risk factors of bruxism patients but above all learning how to diagnose and manage them in the correct manner.

Are you a dentist?

If you are a dentist who also cares for patients suffering from bruxism, temporomandibular disorders and orofacial pain, you need to know about BruxApp. 

The platform is:

  • Recognised as a class 1 medical device

  • Designed on the basis of international scientific research

  • Implemented with the world’s first app to use EMA and EMI principles in dentistry via smartphones

A solid scientific and research base

→ Real-time assessment of the patient in his or her environment thanks to the EMA (Ecological Momentary Assessment).

solida base scientifica bruxapp cloud

BruxApp allows you to make a preliminary assessment of your patients’ awake bruxism with a 7-day test. You are then able to analyse the type of oral condition being examined, checking its prevalence and development. 

Thanks to EMA technology, it is, in fact, possible to assess a patient’s behaviour in real time and in his or her environment, for a sufficiently long time. The Smartphone-Based EMA is a reference standard for awake bruxism within the Standardised Tool for the Assessment of Bruxism approved by the International Bruxism Consensus Panel at the International Association for Dental Research (IADR – Boston 2021).

Customised treatment plans

esame clinico bruxapp
Clinical and medical history examination of the patient using STAB (Standardised Tool for the Assessment of Bruxism)

With BruxApp, you can combine the initial EMA assessment with a clinical and medical history examination of the patient via dedicated online charts (STAB), and diagnose the presence and possible severity of bruxism. Using this data, you will be able to assess risk factors and prognostic implications.  BruxApp is the only platform in the world that offers the digital version of the Standardised Tool for the Assessment of Bruxism (STAB), the assessment tool for bruxism recently published in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation by an international consensus of experts in the field (Bruxism Consensus Panel – IADR 2021).

rieducazione cognitiva

EMI-based cognitive behavioural re-education (Ecological Momentary Intervention)

Once the severity of the bruxism has been assessed, BruxApp provides patient management protocols through cognitive behavioural re-education. This is based on a fundamental principle of psycho-physiology, biofeedback and follow-up to assess the progress and effectiveness of the treatment plan undertaken by the patient.

EMI principles are the tool BruxApp uses for positive biofeedback processes in this pathway, based on the test results and the doctor’s diagnosis.

How the process of evaluation and patient management works 

da smatphone a paziente con bruxapp



1 – The patient performs a 7-day evaluation test. By interacting with the web platform, BruxApp saves all test data.

2 – Through their account, the patient views the progress of the session and the final test result according to five degrees of severity. 

3 – Once the assessment has been obtained, again through BruxApp, the patient can start a cognitive behavioural re-education programme with the help of an experienced dentist.

4 – Evaluation is not a diagnosis: that is the sole responsibility of the dentist. As a result, the patient does not have access to all other data.

5 – All data are protected and managed in accordance with the GDPR for the management and protection of health data. BruxApp does not access any other data on the patient’s smartphone.

da piattaforma web dentista a paziente


Dentist and Patient

1 – The dentist can log his or her patients in, access the data in real time, check the progress of the test and the evaluation process

2 – The platform collects all the data, and the server processes it by generating easy-to-read graphs, which are indispensable for making a diagnosis.

3 – The graphs make it possible to assess when the greatest activities occur and their timing, while also monitoring pain areas.

4 – The dentist can have the patient fill out a bruxism history file online: the STAB, which allows the dentist to make a diagnosis by cross-referencing the patient’s test data.

5 – Based on the diagnosis made by the dentist, the treatment plan can be planned, with a re-education path via biofeedback generated by the app and patient follow-up from the platform.

What can you do with BruxApp?

✅ Evaluate the percentages of the 5 awake bruxism conditions and 5 conditions concerning other non-functional activities (from OBC/INFORM)

✅ Evaluate the “awake bruxism” and “functional rest” indicators and their timing

✅ Evaluate the hourly distribution of each of the 10 conditions over the course of each day.

✅ Evaluate and record the presence of any areas of pain

✅ Evaluate the pain intensity trend (VAS scale) over 7 days, for each pain area

✅ Assessing the trend of pain intensity (VAS scale) over one day, day by day, for each pain area

✅ Compare the data for each test session.

✅ Evaluate the test co-operation indicator (compliance)

✅ Using STAB in the digital version 

✅ Managing cognitive behavioural re-education programmes.

✅ Managing monitoring and follow-up programmes

✅ Maintaining an archive of all patient data.

cosa può fare bruxapp

On top of all this, BruxApp gives you the opportunity to find new patients!

By joining our network, you can make yourself visible to patients looking for dentists with expertise in bruxism, TMD and orofacial pain.

You will have a space where you can enter your skills, and you will be visible on the site to all those looking for an experienced dentist in the area. Once the test has been performed independently, depending on the severity, patients will then need a professional in bruxism to continue the diagnostic and therapeutic process. 

To learn how to use the platform and read the charts, you can consult our video tutorial included in the subscription, which is updated regularly.

Do you want to become an expert dentist in bruxism, temporomandibular disorders and orofacial pain?

Join the GSDI.Academy

Thanks to the collaboration with the Italian Study Group on Orofacial Pain and Temporomandibular Disorders (GSID), you will be able to attend training courses of the highest level under the direction of Prof. Daniele Manfredini, one of the leading international experts in the field.

The BruxApp dentists are all trained at the Orofacial Pain Academy, led by outstanding instructors and attended by participants from all over the world.


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Join the OROFACIALPAIN.Academy

A professional training academy that organises and promotes events and educational projects on orofacial pain, temporomandibular joint and bruxism.

The Academy’s mission is to impart the scientific information that underpins ethical and patient-centred professional practice.

You can choose between two formulas:

  • Residency of one week (Monday to Friday)
  • Weekend training (basic and advanced courses)

During theoretical lectures and interactive discussions, you can:

  • Learning the Evidence-Based theoretical basis  

  • Conducting practical sessions on patients
  • Strengthening the shared content and clinical experience of leading international bruxism experts


foto di gruppo GSDI academy formazione per esperti sul bruxismo

The OFP Academy includes among its instructors, leading international experts in the field, who contribute to a top-level network under the coordination of Prof. Daniele Manfredini.

Thanks to the training at the Academy, you can also:

– Get in touch with an international community of instructors and colleagues

– Keep up to date with training activities and the annual International Congress of the GSID

– Join the BruxApp network

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