The evaluation of bruxism

A preliminary analysis of your waking bruxism condition that is very reliable, clinically tested and has a solid scientific basis.

valutazione bruxapp

The BruxApp medical device evaluates your bruxism on the principle of Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) applied to smartphone technologies. This method is validated by the international guidelines on the assessment of bruxism (Standardised Tool for the Assessment of Bruxism) recently published in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, one of the most authoritative international scientific journals in the field.

valutazione bruxapp

BruxApp is the first and only application that fulfils these evaluation principles: dentists and researchers around the world have already been using it for years. The oral conditions under evaluation specifically concern:

  • Tooth grinding (quite rare during waking hours)

  • Dental contact

  • The dental framework

  • Mandibular clenching (the ability to keep the jaws clamped without contact between the teeth)

  • Parafunctional conditions of the tongue

  • Areas of muscle pain

valutazione bruxapp

The presence of pain in particular leads bruxist patients into the realm of orofacial pain. Therefore, a differential diagnosis is needed to distinguish bruxism from other pathologies.

valutazione bruxapp

Depending on the results of the test, BruxApp suggests an awake bruxism management pathway that you can begin to undertake independently.