Managing bruxism

Control of waking bruxism through cognitive behavioral reeducation.

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If your test indicates a high level of bruxism, it is advisable to start a treatment path to reduce the developed muscular tension. Cognitive-behavioural re-education based on bio-feedback is one of the most effective strategies.

la gestione bruxapp

Ecological Momentary Intervention (EMI) is a principle of psycho-physiology that allows you to self-regulate certain physiological activities, such as the muscular tensions caused by bruxism.

BruxApp is the first application in the world to use this principle in the field of bruxism and temporomandibular disorders, through positive bio-feedback.

la gestione bruxapp

In the management pathway through the BruxApp medical device, you will learn:

  • To develop self-awareness

  • To recognise your muscular tensions (e.g. dental or mandibular clenching)

  • To implement daily management independently

You will also find that grinding your teeth during the day is very rare, but keeping your muscles tense is very, very common!

Finally, you will also discover that every variation in emotional and mental state has consequences on the physiological state. In our case, for example, “mental calmness” promotes muscle relaxation.

la gestione bruxapp