Check on the progress of your bruxism condition over time, the pain associated with it, and your improvement through telemedicine.

monitoraggio con bruxapp

Bruxism is a muscular activity generated by the central nervous system in response to the stimulation of anxiogenic or stressful events. Managing it autonomously is not straightforward, but it is still possible.

Using remote video consultations with bruxism experts such as dentists, physiotherapists and psychologists, BruxApp helps you implement a management programme with effective coping strategies.

You will be able to monitor your progress over time, the evolution of your symptoms and the condition of your bruxism, and learn how to manage it independently.

monitoraggio con bruxapp

The real success of therapeutic treatment is to establish a stable and lasting sense of well-being. That is why the BruxApp medical device provides monitoring programmes to track you over time, in difficult as well as in tranquil moments.

monitoraggio bruxapp