Reliable and Scientifically Validated Evaluations: With Bruxapp Cloud, you can access a highly reliable and scientifically validated assessment of your bruxism condition. This tool provides an in-depth evaluation to help you understand the severity of your bruxism and its potential impacts on your health.

Cognitive Behavioral Reeducation Program: If your parameters exceed certain thresholds, Bruxapp Cloud offers a Cognitive Behavioral Reeducation path. This program is designed to help you modify any behaviors and habits contributing to your bruxism, enhancing your ability to manage this condition effectively.

Long-term Monitoring Program: Bruxapp Cloud includes a monitoring program that tracks the progress of your condition over time. It records the investigation’s findings, pain levels, and any improvements, offering you a comprehensive view of your treatment progress.

Psycho-Emotional Tension Indicator: This feature allows you to measure the amount of emotional stress you experience during the testing period. Understanding your stress levels can be crucial in addressing and managing the triggers associated with bruxism.

Network of Expert Dentists: Should your bruxism evaluation show severe conditions that require specialized medical consultation, Bruxapp Cloud connects you with a network of expert dentists. This access can be invaluable for receiving the appropriate medical advice and interventions.

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